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Pneuma Miroslava Večeřová and Pavel Příkaský

27. 9. 2018 – 6. 1. 2019 Místo konání -1 Gallery Výstava Curator Viktor Čech

The exhibition presents works of a pair of artists who have been collaborating for some time now. It is created as an intersection of the classic painting gesture of figure painting and current trends, connecting technical images with performative gestures of the human body.

The human body, its materiality and organic nature, are a fundamental theme here, reflecting today’s physical perception of ourselves as biological organisms that absorb information which is not only digital, but also chemical and genetic.

Watch the exhibition around you, breath slow and deep. Feel the air moving through your body and out again and, for a while, trust the vision of the old stoics that our breath is part of the higher principle of being and not just another organic function.

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