About us

The fifth largest in the Czech Republic, founded in 1953, a unique collection of European art, a pleasant environment of the former Spa building supplemented with contemporary architectural details... This is the Liberec Regional Gallery!

The Regional Gallery Liberec is the fifth largest gallery in the Czech Republic. The gallery was founded in 1953 and since 2014 it has been housed in the building of the former city spa. (Read more about its history here.) The gallery manages a collection of more than 21,000 works of art from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands and other European countries and is rightly referred to as the Museum of European Art. The art collections consist of paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and historical objects and are registered in the Central Register of Collections of the Ministry of Culture.

The Gallery's collections are displayed in a total of three permanent exhibitions, which are complemented by interactive exhibitions and exhibitions on the Gallery's history. The short-term exhibitions organised by the gallery focus on all types of art, with a special emphasis on the art of the region and the art of Czech Germans. The Liberec Regional Gallery organises accompanying programmes for schools, art workshops for the public and guided tours. The organisation is a provider of so-called standardised public services according to Act No. 122/2000 Coll. The Liberec Regional Gallery is established by the Liberec Region and is also a member of the Council of Galleries of the Czech Republic and the Czech Committee of ICOM.

The entire gallery building is wheelchair accessible! The handicapped can park in Vítězná Street in a reserved parking space in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the gallery.


  • OGL (Oblastní galerie Liberec) is a museum of fine art that systematically builds, collects, preserves, scientifically researches, exhibits and publishes art collections, both movable and immovable, from the early modern period to the present, with an emphasis on 19th, 20th and 21st century art, considering the specificities of the region and the institution's collecting tradition.
  • OGL is an institution that promotes the visual arts both domestically and internationally, mediates and interprets them in the broadest historical, interdisciplinary, local and global context, and emphasizes the presentation of the works of artists from the 19th to the 21st centuries in the crucial periods of their oeuvre, with special reference to the region.
  • OGL serves as a cultural, social and intellectual centre for its city, region and the wider border region, a place of rest, relaxation, social contact and education for the general public.


  • OGL is a modern cultural barrier-free institution flexibly responding to the challenges of a hypermedia, global society of the 21st century, open to the general public, all groups of the Liberec region's inhabitants and its domestic and international visitors, with the aim of cultural interaction and visual dialogue between all generational strata of society, and above all with an ethical and aesthetic emphasis aimed at the young generation.
  • OGL provides visitors with an exceptional cultural environment mediating visual culture in all its aspects and forms as well as interactions with other artistic disciplines.
  • OGL is committed to developing the creativity of the individual through direct interaction between visitors and artists, encouraging all forms of innovative thinking, dialogue, inclusion, mutual understanding and respect for diversity of opinion, thereby enriching society as a whole.
  • OGL is a leader in the presentation of art through open access activities, with the aim of making most forms of art accessible to all groups of people without depending on personal presence in situ.
  • OGL participates in the cultivation of public space in Liberec, including activities that bring the input of contemporary artists into the public space.
  • OGL is a modern environmentally friendly institution using modern technologies for sustainable growth.