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Plato’s Unicorn

17. 5. – 9. 9. 2018 Místo konání -1 Gallery Výstava Curator Lenka Sýkorová

Balancing on the verge of the visible and the hidden is typical for current post-conceptual art. The exhibition Plato’s Unicorn will introduce the work of two female artists – Kateřina Dobroslava Drahošová and Andrea Lédlová. They both represent the coming generation of artists, and their post-conceptual creative approach is typified by overlapping media.  Drahošová’s works are predominantly drawings, which in Liberec leave the paper and can be found temporarily on the walls of the gallery. In her work she allows herself to be guided freely by intuition, attempting to find the meaning of drawing in today's hurried and agitated times. Andrea Lédlová, whose main medium is also drawing, has lately been transcending the border between two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. In the Liberec gallery she is presenting her sewn objects and large-scale drawings. Exhibition curator – Lenka Sýkorová.

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