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Midas Touch

18. 1. – 29. 4. 2018 Venue -1 Gallery Temporary Exhibition Curator Viktor Čech

In Greek mythology, Midas was the king whose touch turned everything to gold. This exhibition of contemporary art was prepared by the curator Viktor Čech, and will introduce, for example, Natália Trejbalová (Italy), Milan Mazúr, Zuzana Žabková (Slovakia), Andrea Mikysová and Ivana Pavlíčková (the Czech Republic).

Virtual extensions of our bodies have become an inevitable part of our everyday reality. In consumerist culture, these have produced various fetishes, and libidinous games with the pleasures of physical contact in them have been transferred to virtual space. Our desires are both ever close and always receding. This aesthetic trap fascinates many young-generation artists, who frequently express themselves on this theme in visual language, which is actually interlinked with this topic. The project will present a selection of contemporary work focusing on the ambiguous modern role that the human body takes on in this “game”.

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