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The Essence of Painting Adrian Altman, Matyáš Maláč, Vít Svoboda

24. 1. – 30. 8. 2020 Místo konání -1 Gallery Výstava Curator Viktor Čech

One of the distinct trends in contemporary painting is the ceaseless examination of the object-like qualities of paintings and their relation to the representation of the things depicted. Artists of the younger generation often return in unexpected ways to the legacy of Cubism and the associated initial formulation of this issue in modern painting. Their understanding of figure painting, their work with the mass of a painting and, primarily, their playing with space in the image, have their precursors in Cubism; at the same time, they use quite traditional artistic means to comment on the most current issues in the contemporary perception of the physicality of a human body.

The exhibition is prepared as a joint project by three artists and a curator. While two of the artists (Matyáš Maláč and Adrian Altman) have painting as their primary mean of expression, the third, Vít Svoboda, is primarily an architect. The exhibition installation will be based on the combination of paintings, wall-hangings and drawings. 

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