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Spa season

1. 6. – 1. 10. 2023 Venue Liberec gallery Temporary Exhibition Curator Pavel Kubesa, Lenka Patková, Filip Suchomel

An exhibition series presented by a common name - Spa Season – includes exhibitions The Gilded Age by Pasta Oner, To You by Libuše Dlabola Pražáková, and Garden of Statues with works by leading Czech artists.

This year, the Liberec gallery celebrates 70th anniversary of its existence, and opening of the Spa Season is the actually an introduction of the exhibition concept by the new director, Filip Suchomel. On the occasion, exhibitions will be opened in several gallery exhibition spaces simultaneously. The programme has a cute innovation, too: a preview for children.

The Pasta Oner | The Gilded Age exhibition presents Pasta Oner, a visual artist, showcasing his new series of artworks that were created specifically for the Liberec Gallery. Pasta Oner, one of the most prominent and active figures of contemporary Czech fine arts, presents to the widest public his ironic view of the world of consumerism and self-indulgent society. And he does so in a way that is easy to understand. New artworks are featured that will create an impression of a kind of post-apocalyptic landscape in the exhibition stage design. The architectural layout was designed by Pavel Kubesa, who is also the curator of the exhibition. 

Libuše Dlabola Pražáková’s cycle of paintings named To You speaks of today’s women – inspiring, strong and independent, and loving and selfless at the same time. Twentieth century gave birth to many women who were able to master both of these poles of being, and changed society by the way they lived their lives. It was with the intention to pay tribute to these women that Libuše Dlabola Pražáková painted her large-format canvases of them. Lenka Patková is the curator of the exhibition.

Outdoor installations of statues created by some of the leading Czech artists is the third exhibition included in the new programme and conception of the gallery. The exhibition aims to freshen up the space in the vicinity of the gallery. Visitors thus have the opportunity to admire works of Jiří David, Franta Skála, Lukáš Rais, Kurt Gebauer or Vratislav K. Novák. The exhibition is curated by Filip Suchomel.


6:30 p.m. Gallery opens

7:00 p.m. Opening ceremony

8:00 p.m. Concert of Ryzlink band

9.00 p.m. DJ set Pierre Urban


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