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Josef Baier | Sound Shapes

8. 3. – 26. 5. 2024 Venue Swimming Pool Temporary Exhibition Curator Daniela Kramerová

The prominent Austrian author of monumental works for public space, Josef Baier (1951), will present his kinetic-sound installation Hörkurven (2017) in the swimming pool hall of the Liberec Regional Gallery, in which moving pendulums make the sound of precisely tuned sound tubes. The sound composition is linked with the visual perception – the undulating path of moving pendulums. In other areas of the gallery, the broader context of Baier's work will be presented – abstract geometric works connecting the aesthetic plane with philosophical and mathematical inspiration, installations related to the four main elements, sound works, and playful kinetic creations.

The exhibition was supported by Austrian Culture Forum.


The sound installation will be launched every exhibition day at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
In the exhibition hall, it is necessary to follow the security instructions of the custodians and stay in the designated areas. The sound installation is not suitable for people with increased sensitivity to noise.

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