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Cameron Tauschke | Valleys of the heart

10. 2. – 30. 4. 2023 Venue -1 Gallery Temporary Exhibition Curator Lenka Sýkorová

Exhibition Curator: Lenka sýkorová

The exhibition project of Cameron Tauschke (born 1971 in Melbourne), an Australian artist who is based in Berlin, is represented by paintings and drawings from the Valleys of the heart series. The artist is inspired and fascinated by touching statements, such as “follow your heart”, “hand on heart” or “heart is our guiding light and the best teacher”. At the same time, he is fascinated by the world of mountaineers who need natural discipline, faith and patience to successfully scale mountain summits, for the path to the summit is always full of setbacks and dangers - just like our life journey. It is the “follow your heart” and “put your heart into doing things” that is the main message of the exhibition. The exhibition presents certain fictitious landscapes, but also optimism and possibility of challenges that we have to overcome in order not to get lost on our journey.


Cameron Tauschke’s art is characteristic by the use of bright and saturated colours that are often in contrast to the monochromatic and subdued ones, which emphasises his expression. Radiance of colours and figural motives he uses that are typical of his style stem from his awareness and knowledge of contemporary German painting. At the same time, it is important for the artist to work with metaphors to tell stories that reflect and capture his inner life with connection to his everyday connection to ordinary events. In his work, various references to popular culture, cinematography or contemporary world full of visual perceptions can thus be seen that assault us in an incessant stream of visual information. In his work, the artist reflects the uncertainty of present times and a certain search for lost worlds that bestow eternal secret to our lives.  Presence can be defined as uncertainty, a fluid reality that does not provide us much breathing time. Self-identification in this environment is increasingly more difficult, and Cameron Tauschke tells his own stories and shares his view of the world in his works of art. He partly lays bare his historical models and his futuristic visions, too. The exhibition picks up the threads of the “Postconceptual overlaps in drawing” curator project, and is predominantly about love and courage.

Cameron Tauschke lives and works in Berlin. His works of art have been shown in a number of individual and collective exhibitions all over the world. The exhibition presented is his first in the Czech Republic.








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