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Beauty and charm / Hulačová, Immrová, Kaminská, Komm, Korečková, Malá, Pešková, Roztočilová, Skavová, Spirová, Šubrtová, Vláčilíková Contemporary women sculptors

22. 3. – 9. 6. 2019 Temporary Exhibition Curator Markéta Kroupová, Iva Mladičová

This logistically demanding project introduces some of the contemporary Czech sculpture. Through the selection of sculptors from the younger and middle generation (Hulačová, Immrová, Komm, Korečková, Roztočilová, Skavová, Šubrtová and others), it illustrates the diversity of the contemporary Czech scene. The exhibition is accompanied by a book that examines the current work of artists who identify with tradition as the very essence of sculpture, consisting of volume and verticality. In sculpture, they honour plasticity and the ability to make the viewer pause and experience it. This does not, however, rule out the diversity of approach to sculpture, whether in form or concept. Some artists work with figurative sculpture in its most traditional form, some with abstract sculpture and others with object art and large-scale spatial art.

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