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Viktorie Langer Caramello

15. 3. – 10. 6. 2018 Venue Exhibition hall II Temporary Exhibition Curator Karina Kottová

Viktorie Langer is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Studio of Painting II / School of Vladimír Skrepl). Viktorie Langer’s painting on textiles, canvas, furniture and small objects evinces a dreamy, wandering glance which abstracts, despite leaving legible traces of its original inspiration. Rather than the sharp contours of objects or figures, Viktorie captures their aura, a fluid that changes colours and rounds edges. She creates multilayer installations in which she plays with the speed of the passage of time and the physical presence of the viewer. The exhibition has been prepared especially for the premises of the Regional Gallery in Liberec. In a specific constellation, new works are here introduced, following on freely from Langer's presentation for last year’s Jindřich Chalupecký Prize and the artist's stay in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, at the beginning of this year.

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