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Patrik Hábl | Journey to the Deep Mountainland

10. 11. 2023 – 11. 2. 2024 Venue Swimming Pool Temporary Exhibition Curator Filip Suchomel, Marcela Suchomelová

Patrik Habel's lyrical-meditative landscapes, often composed in long, seemingly endless layers, represent one of the most distinctive poles of the contemporary Czech painting scene. And it doesn't matter whether they are realized on a roll of paper, a canvas or on the facade of a communist apartment building. Each time, with incredible ease, Hábl lets his painterly epic flow in countless variations and colour valences - from bright white, through misty grey, bright ultramarine to deep black - modelling in random processes a captivating and unreal exotic nature. With his clearly targeted interventions, Hábl then refines it into landscape mountain labyrinths with a touch of far-eastern linear perspective.

In the project Journey to the Deep Mountainland, the Regional Gallery Liberec will not only present a cross-section of Hábl's current work, but also reveal perhaps unsuspected corners of his endless inspiration.

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