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22. 9. 2023 – 31. 1. 2024 Venue 1st and 2nd floor exhibition hall Temporary Exhibition Curator Jana Farská Hájková

The exhibition Line! focuses on one of the basic elements of artistic language - the line.

Line is found in all aspects of artistic creation, whether it be drawing, painting, sculpture or printmaking. The aim of the exhibition is to explore and present the diversity and meanings that line can express. The work of over thirty artists from the Regional Gallery's collections will be divided into four main areas. The works on display, dating from the early 20th century to the present, illustrate the various techniques and stylizations of line and show its ability to express movement, structure, emotion, or the capacity for abstraction.

In Czech art, line is an important element that has a rich tradition. Throughout the twentieth century, various approaches and experiments with line emerged, reflecting the social and political events of the time. These ranged from figurative linear expressions that depicted the human figure with simple lines and shapes, to abstract and geometric compositions in which line played the role of structure, rhythm and dynamics. In modern Czech art, line is experimented with and its potential is explored in relation to conceptual art, in relation to the structure of the world around us and in relation to new media and technologies. Line has thus become a key element for expressing ideas, emotions and the search for new forms.


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