KAROLINA LIZUREJ (PL), Hearts in ruins, 2022

200 × 200 cm, hand embroidery on the satin lining, textile installation, loan from the author

Storytelling accompanies us throughout our entire life. It builds bridges between people. Storytelling helps us to find a common thread that allows us to understand not only different generations but also our own identity. By immersing ourselves in stories, we can find wisdom, advice and anchorage in some time and in some place. Polish artist Karolina Lizurej is fascinated and inspired by stories. She has long been interested in the history of the Warsaw Uprising in German-occupied Warsaw, which was both tragic and heroic. It was the time of great Polish history as well as of small personal life stories. In her work is included the complexity of the reality in which we live and in which good constantly fights evil in various forms. Karolina Lizurej tells stories through embroidered drawings. She crosses the line between fabric and drawing. She uses a thread instead of a pencil. Her technique of large-format embroidery is very similar to drawings, where threads on a white background provide a testimony of the present with regard to the traditions embodied in folk art.