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Horrors of War Thirty Years’ War in OGL’s print collection

18. 1. – 29. 4. 2018 Místo konání Cabinet of Graphic Arts Výstava Curator Markéta Kroupová

The year 2018 will be dedicated to celebrations of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic one hundred years ago. However, this exhibition looks deeper into history and recollects a historical event of equal importance that affected the whole of Europe – the Thirty Years’ War. The selection of prints will show specific important events, like the assassination of Albrecht von Wallenstein in 1634, and battle plans and depictions of war life by Jacquese Callote (1592–1635), after whom the exhibition is named. The works from the cycle Horrors of War are among the most significant pieces displayed in the exhibition. Callot managed not only to portray the cruelty of war, but he was also great at expressing emotions, which was quite progressive for his time. The exhibition presents samples from the rich collection of Baroque prints stored in the gallery depository.

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