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Dagmar Šubrtová | Sometimes Everything Comes from Afar

14. 6. – 13. 10. 2024 Temporary Exhibition Curator Tea Záchová

Dagmar Šubrtová (*1973) is an artist whose practice is based on pure material sculptural work. She was born in Duchcov in northern Bohemia and has been living and working in the Kladno region for a long time. For Dagmar, an artist and curator, her work is mostly site-specific (i.e. she creates original work directly for a given place), where she tries to experience the matter and space together with its transformation. Her artistic work is inherently linked to the post-industrial character of the landscape, where coal was or is still mined, and the impact of mining on its surroundings. Both black and brown rock - coal - which is perceived negatively nowadays, forms an important essence in her works.

As a curator, she led the Mayrau Gallery in the Hornický Skanzen in the former Mayrau underground mine near Kladno in the period 2002-2010. And this is where the author and I are heading again. Her fascination with the coal heaps, their specific impact on the surrounding area - fauna and flora - bringing a rich character to the post-industrial landscape comes to the forefront of her interest. The author examines the power of nature and at the same time presents the superiority of a unified landscape. The exhibition is inspired by transformations in which the will of nature plays an important role as a catalyst and responds to a hyper-informed society that misses the importance of ignorance and mystery. So let's take a look at the special places of the heaps and let nature take a path of natural renewal and special beauty.

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