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Jan Měřička / Unease of the Crowd

18. 1. – 21. 4. 2019 Výstava Curator Markéta Kroupová

The exhibition of large-scale prints (mostly serigraphies) and author’s books by one of the best contemporary Czech graphic artists. The title Uneasy of the Crowd is fitting for the theme that the artist has for long been exploring. Without emotions and using a very original technique, he studies the movement of crowds. Whether he chooses moments from family life, global current affairs or possibly trivial scenes of crowds getting on and off the tube, or crowds of people in shopping centers, he always depicts the hopelessness of human behaviour. His prints with conceptual overlaps are among the best works created in the Czech Republic in the graphic arts.

Jan Měřička was born in Pardubice, however, for several decades now, he has been considered to be a Liberec artist. Besides his prints, he dedicates himself to teaching serigraphy at the FAMU academy in Prague, graphic design, rock climbing and biking. His work is represented in the Czech and foreign art collections.


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