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ART WEEK 2018 Petr Dub / Hermann R. is not at home

16. 6. – 2. 9. 2018 Místo konání Permanent exhibition Výstava Curator Jana Bernartová

For this year’s ARTWEEK, Petr Dub has prepared an intervention in the Regional Art Gallery in Liberec. He follows on from exhibitions that were presented within the project Spaces between paintings at the Art Gallery in Třinec and in Prague Art Gallery NOD in this year´s first half.

In his work, Petr Dub systematically explores the possibilities of modern painting. He uses common materials for his works – canvas, colours and wooden “frames”, but he intentionally disturbs their conventional shapes and exhibition limits. In his work, values of high gallery art and its history mix with the world of cheap visual tricks evoking in mainstream spectators – beauty.

The artwork Hermann R. is not at home is dedicated to the question of making a sensory and rational experience. The author feels that in the prepared installation for ARTWEEK it is not about the created complex and controlled experience but about the gaps between information which are captured by the human eye and the interpretation our brain provides. Dub uses abstract monochromatic pictures for this experiment and combines them with the meaning of blue colour used for creating digital tricks and effects. The placement of the artwork in the gallery is not the final solution for the author but is in itself a never-ending variation of the spectator’s perception. The Hermann R. mentioned in the name of the artwork is no other but the inventor of the well-known Rorschach test, used in psychology to evaluate human personality.


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